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Community / Marketing Manager

Employment: Full-Time

Location Options: New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland

DinnerTree is an app that curates 4-8 person group dinners with like-minded people. Our target market is similar to that of Meetup. The big difference is that we offer a much more intimate, curated experience that makes building genuine connection feel much more natural. We also allow users to target exactly who they want to meet and what kind of conversations they want to have.

We're looking for Community Managers to help us launch the app in cities that are largely free of Coronavirus (COVID-19). (Or perhaps to help us lay the groundwork for a future day when life returns to normal.)

Who you are
  • You thrive in a startup environment. DinnerTree is very early stages. As a city manager your role will be highly entrepreneurial. This job suits someone who is a self-starter, who is highly motivated and organized. You’ll be working in a fast-paced environment. We expect you to be able to proactively identify problems, come up with creative solutions, run experiments, and work closely with the team to fix problems and implement solutions.

  • You understand what motivates people. People are complex social creatures. We are offering a new type of social experience. The more you understand human psychology, the more you'll be able to help us succeed. We want people to feel good about every interaction with our service. To succeed we need people participating multiple times per month, not just once off as a novelty experience.

  • You’re a true people person. You care about people and you’re energized by interacting with people and helping people.

What you’ll do
  • You’ll recruit users and curate an initial community. We think that in order to ensure a high quality experience, it's important to launch with a high-quality initial community of people. To that end we're launching with an invite-only model. You'll be responsible for recruiting initial users, deciding who gets in, and granting invite privileges to certain members of the community. As the app and the community progress we may want to experiment with broader marketing strategies, and you will be an integral part in generating and executing those strategies.

  • You'll talk to users. We expect you to be highly engaged with users throughout all stages of their experience with our app. Our goal is to create a product people love. To do that we need to know exactly what they like and don't like. We need to know exactly what they are thinking as they interact with our service. You’ll be responsible for collecting and synthesizing qualitative feedback from users.

  • You'll run experiments to improve metrics. The feedback you’ll be collecting from users will be predominantly qualitative, and will be instrumental in running experiments to inform our decisions for the app and service in an analytical way. Examples of these experiments may include which types of people to target, what outreach strategies work, what messaging works, and what makes for an incredible dinner experience. As a startup our first goal is learning what works!

  • You'll build community. Community management is a core component of your role at DinnerTree. It may make sense for us to host regular events in your city. Perhaps event invites will be a perk of achieving a certain status within the app. Organizing and hosting these events will be your responsibility, including helping members connect with each other, ensuring the event runs smoothly, and becoming a super connector yourself.

Benefits & Opportunities
  • You'll learn about building startups. You can expect to learn an incredible amount about what it takes to launch a successful startup. If you’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to join a startup from the ground floor, then this is your chance to do so with a collaborative and innovative team.

  • You'll help create something meaningful. DinnerTree has the potential to have a positive effect on people's lives in a number of ways. By bringing people together with different views and backgrounds, ideas can be exchanged, new ideas can be developed, and empathy between people can be expanded. DinnerTree facilitates the creation of genuine connection and new relationships. And finally, we proudly create joy through the positive experience of sharing a meal with good people and good conversation!

  • You'll have opportunities for growth. Possibility to contribute to all aspects of DinnerTree As we grow. For example: social media, training new city managers, marketing, branding, copywriting, etc.

  • You'll be well compensated. You will be well compensated in line with your level of experience and expertise.

If you think you might be a good fit for our team, we’d love to hear from you.